Pho cuon: A favourite dish for hot summer in Hanoi

Many people believe that such dishes, by inducing sweat, really help lower ones body temperature and help fight the heat. Not everyone feels that way. One cool and refreshing alternative is Pho Cuon, a food similars to fresh spring rolls, but basically different in a number of ways.
Cham curry - Speciality of Cham people in An Giang

The local Cham community mainly follows Muslim, creating unique cultural features from mosque architectures to housing designs or traditional costumes. Among traditional cultural traits, culinary is a pride of Cham people there, especially for their curry dishes.
"Nom bo kho" - The simple dish in Hanoi

In cold weather, the visitors can enjoy a dish of sweet and sour grated papaya salad. The salad mixed with beef is a simple nosh sold in small alleys and markets in Ha Noi.
Dong Thap cusine - A real treat of Mekong Delta

Dong Thap Province, around 170 kilometers from HCMC, lies by the Tien River in the Mekong Delta and has various attractive destinations for tourists such as Tram Chim National Park, Gao Giong Eco-Tourism Park, Xeo Quyt Eco-tourism site, Sa Dec flower village, and the ancient house of Huynh Thuy Le, and Kien An Cung Pagoda.
Vegetarian food festival on at HCM City amusement park

Vegetarian food is becoming popular for various reasons, with some objecting to eating meat out of respect for life and religious beliefs while others prefer a healthy life and environmental protection.
Duc Cake in Nghe An

Nowadays, after the ebb and flow of history, Duc Cake is still a familiar cuisine to every family in Nghe An.
The taste of Ha Noi’s autumn

Ha Noi’s autumn is also the season for ‘com’ or young sticky rice flakes. ‘Com’ can be eaten directly or mixed with other food ingredients to create a variety of tasty dishes, including ‘cha com’ (com paste).
Bun Tom (shrimp vermicelli noodle)

No one can tell for how long such a simple food has been an essential part of Hai Phong gastronomy. It is something worth trying, like the rest of Vietnamese cuisine, for its unique taste as well as the method of cooking.
Oc Vi Sai Gon - Best snails in town

Popular with locals and foreigners alike, Oc Vi Sai Gon serves a wide array of seafood cooked in a southern style. For the best experience, diners are suggested to dig in with their hands and get messy. Minh Thu rolls up her sleeves.
Cuttlefish Hotpot

Just 92 km from Nha Trang, Dai Lanh is a district that can be easily accessed by car.
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