Soi Sim Island – An attractive destination

Soi Sim, a small island in Ha Long Bay, is becoming an attractive destination due to its wilderness and many kinds of plants and animals.

Although the Soi Sim island has only recently been put into operation for the last ten years,
it has quickly become an attractive place for foreign tourists

The island is roughly 12km from Bai Chay Tourists Wharf and 700m from Titop Island. Soi Sim is one of the rare islands that preserves very rich flora and wildlife; along with the smooth white sand and clear blue water. Soi Sim possesses primeval forest on a special geological structure, with two thirds of its area covered by Feralit and weathering soils, and as a result, the fauna and flora are diverse, with many endemic species, which is characteristic of the ecosystem of Ha Long Bay.

On the island in the season of Tomentose rose myrtle, the island is covered with the flowers and fruit of Tomentose rose myrtle, which is why the local people called it Soi Sim.

Although the island has only recently been put into operation for the last ten years, it has quickly become an attractive place for foreign tourists.

Especially, Quang Ninh province has built a conservation zone for plants and animals in Ha Long Bay on the island, with the goal of preserving biodiversity and precious and rare genetic resources of endemic and valuable species, which are named in the Vietnam Red Data Book.

On December 19, 2011, the Provincial People's Committee approved the detailed planning for Ha Long Bay rare animals and plants conservation zone on Soi Sim island, with Ha Long Bay Service Joint Stock Company (later transferred to Soi Sim Co. Ltd) as the investor.

Particularly, the project is built with the absolute respect for nature. The island's forest reserves and all of the flora and fauna of Soi Sim Island are strictly protected. In addition to the requirements of being harmonious with the environment, using renewable energy, encouraging the use of floor space, and low floors and not building solidly with common materials, the project must apply high technology, minimising leveling. In the case of necessity, the terrain surface must be repaired to restore the natural state. The whole island walkway system is made of wood and avoids harm to the ecosystem on the island.

According to Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, Director of Sim Sim Co. Ltd, during the implementation of the project, the company complied with the approved planning and strict regulations on the conservation of Ha Long Bay.

The project’s highlight is the exhibition centre and the scenic area which are designed as nine flower petals with nine spaces for display, including displaying templates, direct photos, indirect photos of plants and animals, geology, and displaying natural ecosystems, historic ecosystems, the environment, climate process of project formation and a service office.

Currently, the route on the island has completed roughly 70% of the plan. After taking over the project from Ha Long Tourism Services JS Company in 2015, Soi Sim Ltd. Co. has replaced all of the concrete roads on the project with wood. In addition, the exhibition centre primarily used high-tech materials. The conservation zone was built under the joint supervision of Ha Long Bay Management Board and experts from Germany and Japan. The wastewater treatment system on the island will ensure the protection of the environment.

The project not only contribute to the preservation of rare animals and plants, as well as rare genetic resources of endemic and valuable species of the Ha Long Bay ecosystems, but also promises to create a new attractive tourism product for visitors, develop sustainable tourism, and contribute to promote the value of the island as well as Ha Long Bay to international visitors.

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