An Dinh Palace opens to tourists

An Dinh Palace (also called Khai Tuong Lau), the place where the last king of Vietnam Bao Dai used to live  with his family from 1945 to 1955, has been opened for tourists by the Center for Preservation of Hue Relics.  

This serves as a museum with exhibiting space on 2 floors of the main building, reproducing lives of this royal family with bedroom, entertaining rooms and book room. 

Fine art masterpieces at that time, reflecting various aspects of lives during Hue Dynasty, from that of normal to royal families are on exhibition.

An Dinh Palace was built in 1917 and opened in 1918 by King Khai Dinh before he enthroned and then inherited by King Bao Dai and became his living place until 1954.    

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