Đất Thắm beach among the best in SE Asia

Đất Thắm Beach on Côn Đảo Island has been listed among the top 10 eco-friendly beaches in Southeast Asia by the UK’s The Independent newspaper.
Colourful stones enchant at Bình Thuận beach

But only 100 kilometres away is Cổ Thạch beach in the province’s Tuy Phong District, an unusual coastal site lined with seaweed-covered pebbles and rocks of varying shapes and sizes.
Việt Nam’s pirate island develops community tourism

Tiên Hải is the only island commune in Hà Tiên District, southern province of Kiên Giang. The commune also has another name: Hải Tặc (Pirates) Archipelago. It boasts 16 islands and total area of 283ha.
Vietnamese travelers told to show a little decorum

Going out in pyjamas. Swearing. Talking loudly on mobile phones in public. Littering. Spitting. These are some examples of the bad behavior Vietnamese tourists display when they travel abroad, said some tour operators at a talk on Wednesday about how to improve the image of Vietnamese tourists and develop the norms of civilized tourist behaviors.
Quan Lan Beach

Fantasizing about a carefree holiday emerged in clear blue water and refreshing marine wind, yet fed up with those over-commercialised and overcrowded beaches? If your answer is yes, then probably the next destination for you is Quan Lan Island.
Tuan Chau Beach

Located within one of the world’s new 7 natural wonders, Tuan Chau has a strategic location for developing tourism. Realising the potential of this pearl, a Vietnamese millionaire has invested millions of dollar to transform this once poor fishing village into one of the most modern and renowned resort island in Northern Vietnam.
Cat Ba Beach

Cat Ba is the main island in an archipelago, which is also named Cat Ba. As the largest island in the Gulf of Tonkin and surrounded by the stunning seascape of Bai Tu Long Bay and Ha Long Bay
Jungle ramparts stand guard over natural curves and edges

Ky Co Beach boasts a curvaceous sandy stretch and offers the ideal camp site at the foot of Phuong Mai Mountain, the perfect spot for anyone heading for Quy Nhon this summer.
Colorful flotilla dazzles in Phu Quoc

At the beginning of May, colorful sailing boats competed for the Kien Giang Open – Phu Quoc 2016 organized off Dinh Cau Beach on the southern island.
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