Northwest Vietnam introduction part 2

Northwest Vietnam is one of important sub-regions of Vietnam. This region plays a crucial role in Vietnam defense and security. Northwest Vietnam is always characterized by untouched beauty of landscapes and local people.
Northeast Vietnam introduction part 1

Northeast Vietnam is the territory in the north of the Red River Delta. The northeast is one of three natural geographical sub-regions of Northern Vietnam (Northwest, Northeast and the Red River Delta) with beautiful landscapes and seascapes.
Red River Delta Vietnam introduction

Red River Delta is a large land limited by lower stream of Red River in Northern Vietnam. This region consists of 11 provinces with many wonderful landscapes and seascapes. Economy in this region is developed compared with other regions in Vietnam.
French architectural influences linger in Hanoi

The French colonized Vietnam from 1873 to 1954, with Hanoi becoming the capital of French Indochine in 1887. While the old quarter was left intact as a distinctly Vietnamese part of the city, the French reworked much of the rest to create a European-style city.