Patch Note| New Follower & Lightwing Event 20190619

Dear Crusaders,
6 extra followers will join the Milura after this maintenance and the Lightwing Event will also be released at the same time.
Don’t forget that you can contact or report your problems in game if needed. Our service team will try to solve your problems as soon as possible~
COL servers will be maintained for about 2 hours since:
Sardar Highland UTC+9: 2019/06/20 11AM
Kylinffar Valley UTC-8: 2019/06/19 7PM
Thundercall Foreste UTC-8: 2019/06/19 7PM
Bladefall Valley UTC-5: 2019/06/19 9PM
Laverlan Lake UTC-3: 2019/06/19 11PM
Forest Valley UTC+3: 2019/06/20 6AM
Guardian Fort UTC+2: 2019/06/20 5AM
Blazing Plains UTC+0: 2019/06/20 3AM


Ⅰ)New Follower Coming
Scholar Kopen has traveled around, collecting new souls of many famous brave and even evil demons, and transforming them. “Great Hero”--Floriana, “Human Leader”--Chastana, ”Elf Leader of the Council of Light”--Vizalon....many new followers are waiting for you to explore! After this maintenance update, there will be ten new followers joining the Milura. Warriors can get them through Follower Summon:
Ⅱ)Lightwing Event Coming!
When the scholars of Karanvale were deep in their research of Lightwing\'s power, a girl named Raphiel appeared. Mortal shouldn\'t possess such power!As she proclaimed these words, she began assaulting every town and village upon Sardar Highlands. Heroes, unite together and defeat her. Show her we are powerful enough to control Lightwing!
Ⅲ)Follower Summon 50%off
After this maintenance, the Follower Summon limited time discount will be activated. You will enjoy 50% off discount when you Summon(Epic) by using crystals.
IV)Artifact Energy Summon 50%off
After this maintenance, the Artifact Energy Summon limited time discount will be activated. You will enjoy 50% off discount when you Summon by using crystals.
V)New Arrival
After this week's maintenance, “Holy Wing Treasure” will be no longer in stock on the “New Arrival”. Also, a brand new box “Vampire Secret Treasure” with very high discount will be in stock on “New Arrival”. Player probably get very rare legendary equipments. Also, it included the cool outfit-“Bloody Moon Weapon”!
VI)Top-up Coupon & Trending Gift Coupon
After this maintenance, players will get one random-grade Top-up Coupon with every 10 purchases of New Arrivals—”Vampire Secret Treasure”. By using these coupons, players can get Extra 50% Crystals for the corresponding top-up grade. Also, each purchase of a box in “NEW”, also gives you a Trending Gift Coupon.By using the gift coupons, the corresponding gift can be purchased at a 50% discount (the gift can only buy 5 at discount) Don’t miss the opportunity if warriors need it!
After this week's maintenance, the Warriors can purchase new box —“Magellana Luxury Supply”、“lvl.40 Epic Gem Box”、“Follower Strengthen Gift”、“Shining Intensificationl Box”、“Artifact Booster Gift”、“Manda Blessing Gift”、“Moonlight Blessing Box”、“Bright Starlight Gift”、“Enhanced Bundle”、“Dark Purple Crystal Star Box”and“Moon Shine Gift”.
VIII)Lucky Draw
Lucky Draw is updated as usual every Monday. Don't miss out on the classic box and mounts!
IX)Server Consolidation Notice
In order to provide a better gaming experience for the Warriors, we will merge the two servers, Forest Valley UTC+3 and Blazing Plains UTC+0, next week.
Fixed the problems that some tips incorrectly translated.