Patch Note| NEW RAID - Imperial Arena! 20190611

Dear Crusaders,
A new team raid “Imperial Arena” will be released after this maintenance, who’s gonna to grasp the First Kill?
And don’t forget that you can contact or report your problems in game if you still met some bugs that haven’t been listed in the end of this patch note! Our service team will try to solve your problems as soon as possible~
Wish u enjoy the update!
COL servers will be maintained for about 2 hours since:
Sardar Highland UTC+9: 2019/06/13 11AM
Kylinffar Valley UTC-8: 2019/06/12 7PM
Thundercall Foreste UTC-8: 2019/06/12 7PM
Bladefall Valley UTC-5: 2019/06/12 9PM
Laverlan Lake UTC-3: 2019/06/12 11PM
Forest Valley UTC+3: 2019/06/13 6AM
Guardian Fort UTC+2: 2019/06/13 5AM
Blazing Plains UTC+0: 2019/06/13 3AM


Ⅰ)Imperial Arena
After this maintenance update, we will open a new team raid “Imperial Arena”. The raid needs at least 10 players, the character reaches 55 and the talent level reaches 88. The Warriors who won the first kill of the server will receive the exclusive first-kill achievements and salutes. In addition to all kinds of rare items, the raid will drop the new D15 set equipments. Welcome the Warriors to challenge it!
Ⅱ)"Chef-in-Training" and "Bestial Assault" Coming!
Add a new D15 set -- "Chef-in-Training" and "Bestial Assault", the set of parts will fall in the new raid "Imperial Arena".
Chef-in-Training 2-Piece Set:When using skills, you toss a kitchen knife at the target dealing damage.
Chef-in-Training 3-Piece Set:Enemies hit by kitchen knives take bleed damage.
Bestial Assault 2-Piece Set:When a skill crits, you summon three vicious beasts that rush toward the target and deal damage.
Bestial Assault 3-Piece Set:Triggering Bestial Assault also activates Animalistic Power, and resets the cooldown of Wild Spirit and Rallying Cry. (Only for Rangers)
Ⅲ)New Arrival
After this week's maintenance, “Golden Wing Gift” will be no longer in stock on the “New Arrival”. Also, a brand new box “Holy Wing Treasure ” with very high discount will be in stock on “New Arrival”. Player probably get very rare legendary equipments. Also, it included the cool mount-“Holy Aura”!
After this week's maintenance, the Warriors can purchase new box —“Magellana Luxury Supply”、“lvl.40 Epic Gem Box”、“Lucky Ticket Box”、“Shining Intensificationl Box”、“Ancestor Ambrosilla Box”、“Light of Dawn & Follower Box”、“Follower Assistance Gift”、“Bright Starlight Gift”、“Enhanced Bundle”、“Dark Purple Crystal Star Box”and“Moon Shine Gift”.
Ⅴ)Lucky Draw
Lucky Draw is updated as usual every Monday. Don't miss out on the classic box and mounts!
Ⅵ)Reavedge Ceremonial Event Ending
With the help of the warriors, the NPC-- Bellicostro Ironhorn have already collected all the needed materials for the Reavedge Ceremonial. Thank you for your help! The "Reavedge Ceremonial"event will be removed after this maintenance update.
1. Fix the problem that lucky ticket in the Guild Bonfire Gift can not be used.
2. Fix the problem that Wheels of Torment in the raid of the auction cannot be used.
3. Fix the problem that Casual Arena rules describing errors.
4. Fix the problem that Casual Arena Medal describe inconsistencies.