Patch Note| Five-Person Riding Coming 20190604

Dear Crusaders,
In response to your suggestion in COL Discord before, we will open the five-person riding function and release some attracting gifts after the maintenance.
And if you still met some bugs that haven’t been listed in the end of this patch note, PLZ kindly contact or report your problems in game, our service team will try to solve your problems as soon as possible!
Wish u enjoy the update!
COL servers will be maintained for about 2 hours since:
Sardar Highland UTC+9: 2019/06/05 11AM
Kylinffar Valley UTC-8: 2019/06/04 7PM
Thundercall Foreste UTC-8: 2019/06/04 7PM
Bladefall Valley UTC-5: 2019/06/04 9AM
Laverlan Lake UTC-3: 2019/06/04 11PM
Forest Valley UTC+3: 2019/06/05 6AM
Guardian Fort UTC+2: 2019/06/05 5AM
Blazing Plains UTC+0: 2019/06/05 3AM
Ⅰ)Five-Person Riding Coming
After this update, we have opened the five-person riding function for the newly added mounts - Roar Brontosaurus and the old mount Sky Overlord. After unlocking the initial form of two mounts, you can use the corresponding reinforcement to upgrade them to a more advanced five-rider form.Hurry to invite friends to explore the land of Milura!
Ⅱ)Celebration Music Gift
Karanvale's musician Elvisson has been committed to the promotion of music in the folk, this time he is ready to share his carefully collected music scores.After this update, we will put a "Celebration Music Gift" on "NEW". It includes not only Elvisson's musical manuscripts, but also a variety of beautiful mounts and rare props. When you collect the specific manuscript chapter, you can also unlock the limited title - Time Waltz, don't miss the Warriors!
Ⅲ)New Arrival
After this week's maintenance, “DeepSea Drift Bottle” will be no longer in stock on the “New Arrival”. Also, a brand new box “FoxFire Potion” with very high discount will be in stock on “New Arrival”. Player probably get very rare legendary equipments. Also, it included the cool outfit-“Flaming Fox”!
After this week's maintenance, the Warriors can purchase new box —“Magellana Luxury Supply”、“Celebration Music Gift ”、“ lvl.40 Epic Gem Box”、“Shining Intensificationl Box”、“Follower Advanced Box”、“Bright Starlight Gift”、“Light of Dawn & Follower Box”、“Ancestor Ambrosilla Box”、“Enhanced Bundle”、“Dark Purple Crystal Star Box”and“Light of Dawn & Gem Box”.
Ⅴ)Lucky Draw
Lucky Draw is updated as usual every Monday. Don't miss out on the classic box and mounts!
Ⅵ)Top-up Rebate Update
We will have new Top-up Rebate activities after the server maintenance on GMT June 6, 2019. The "Sweet Love Top-up Rebate" will also be expired after this maintenance. Unclaimed rewards will be distributed to you by email.
1. Fix the problem that Reavedge Ceremonial cannot be clicked Perfectly Completed in some cases;
2. Fix the problem that some props are translated into Chinese.